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Leftover Food – Now a Source of Renewable Energy

musfira abbas January 10, 2023

Squander crops can now be transformed into cladding that can create solar energy from bright light.

In contrast to conventional solar modules, which work in clear conditions and should be facing the sun, this clear AuReus material can gather power from imperceptible UV beams that pass through the clouds.

AuReus cladding can be applied to windows or dividers. At the point when applied as a sort of fluorescent covering to windows or veneers, AuReus can catch UV beams. The harvests utilized are sourced from neighborhood farmers, who have been influenced by extreme, environmental change-instigated climate interruptions.

Individuals in the Philippines depend on the farming area for their business yet because of a dangerous atmospheric devation, the business is being influenced by more regular and extraordinary climate occasions, which harmed in excess of 6,000,000 hectares of harvests somewhere in the range of 2006 and 2013, worth an expected $3.8 billion. By repurposing a portion of the harvests that were spoiling on the fields, Maigue utilizes an undiscovered waste stream and gives farmers an approach to adapt their lost yield.

The globally suggested cure for this crisis is solar energy. 

In the meanwhile, Renewable Energy prices hit record lows, hence making renewables the preferred choice for consumers across the world. It’s time to opt for unstoppable solar energy in Pakistan. Boasting a high solar irradiance rate of more than 5.30 kW h/m² (19.0 MJ/m² or 221 W/m²),

Pakistan is making new waves in the renewable energy sector globally.

Last but not the least, the government of Pakistan is stead fast in its mission to ensure the provision of clean & green solar energy to the masses of Pakistan. By launching the latest billing mechanism “Net Metering” and by introducing easy monthly installments.

No stones should be kept unturned to make the country energy independent state and a carbon-free zone.


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