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Gas Load Shedding Yet Again Becomes a Hard Shell To Crack for Pakistan

musfira abbas January 10, 2023

With worsening winter gas shortages becoming a permanent part of our energy crisis for over a decade and a half now, the state is still struggling to meet the supply and demand gap.


As the users continue to rise for these fast-depleting indigenous resources, This country with a  Natural Gas Production of 37,724.920 Cub m mn still faces a worsening shortfall.

As the winters set in, the masses of Pakistan face difficulties in their daily life chores due to the deficit in the energy sources. Ranking 29th in the world for its natural gas reserves, 26th for its natural gas production & 21st for its natural gas usage, Pakistan still fears the possible closure of the industry and the sufferings of the people this winters.

The energy catastrophe stems from the anticipated end of the cycle of oil, gas and coal, which also, have been producing a considerable increase in greenhouse gases (GHG). In recent years, many scientists have raised their voices to warn about climate change, caused notably by the burning of oil and coal to produce energy.

The globally suggested cure for this crisis is solar energy. 

In the meanwhile, Renewable Energy prices hit record lows, hence making renewables the preferred choice for consumers. It’s time to opt for unstoppable solar energy in Pakistan. Boasting a high solar irradiance rate of more than 5.30 kW h/m² (19.0 MJ/m² or 221 W/m²),

Pakistan is making new waves in the renewable energy sector globally.

Last but not the least, the government of Pakistan is steadfast in its mission to ensure the provision of clean & green solar energy to the masses of Pakistan. By launching the latest billing mechanism “Net Metering” and by introducing easy monthly installments,

The Punjab Government is keeping no stone unturned to make the country energy independent state and a carbon-free zone.


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