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Peak Hours and Off Peak Hours- How to Conserve Energy?

musfira abbas January 10, 2023

Peak hours reflect the highest demanding hours for electricity and range from 5 PM to 11 PM. On the other hand, the off-peak hours refer to the timespan where electricity is less consumed by the masses i.e. late at night or early in the morning.

But which time is the best to conserve energy? This article will help you identify the peak electricity hours, the cheapest hours to consume electricity, and tips on saving it.

Peak Electricity hours

The peak hours refer to the time frame where people follow a similar pattern of life thus demanding a significant amount of energy. Think of it like the time when you do your laundry, run the dishwasher or watch TV. During summer times, these peak hours can be depicted as the hottest hours of the day where the electric load on ACs and coolers is shared by the masses.

Similarly, during winter day time is considered to be off-peak hours and nights become peak hours when people use energy to heat up the house.

How to save electricity and lower my bills?

Since you know the difference between peak hours and off-peak hours, let us move to tips on how you may utilize these hours effectively to save energy and reduce your electricity bills.

Electricity usage during off-peak hours

When the electricity demand is high, the rates also spike up and vice-versa. Hence, the best way to conserve energy is to bring a shift in your daily patterns and utilize energy during off-peak hours. This can be achieved by not using your appliances that demand maximum energy like an air conditioner and washer.

You may also upgrade to energy-efficient appliance models to conserve energy in a smart way. These are investments for availing a long-term benefit.

Turn off appliances when leaving the house

Turn off the appliances like electronics during peak hours and especially when you’re away or not using them. By adjusting to habits like turning off the lights when leaving the room or unplugging energy-demanding appliances; you’re not only saving energy but effectively lowering your electricity bills.

Install solar panels

Solar solutions are a need of the hour where electricity bills are constantly spiking along with the imminent energy crisis. Solar solutions not only reduce your bills but also help produce your own source of energy. Also, the solar battery solution, allows you to charge your sun-powered batteries during the day using excess energy produced by your panels. The same electricity will be available for consumption during peak hours.


Net Metering solution

The net metering service allows you to exchange your excessive power units to the grid. In terms of monthly exported units, you receive a credit on your bill which you can avail yourself any time in the future. You can generate maximum savings by feeding energy to the grid during peak hours. You can export the energy during peak hours and avail the credited energy again during off-peak hours to generate savings and conserve energy.


It is significant to understand the difference in electricity consumption and production during peak hours and off-peak hours. This will allow you to contribute towards conserving energy. In conclusion, if you are looking to limit the energy crisis in Pakistan, you may follow these simple hacks explained above.

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