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E CUBE & Ministry of Energy All Set To Energize Punjab Renewably

musfira abbas January 10, 2023

with E CUBE, Making New Waves In The Renewable Energy Sector Of Pakistan

Ministry of Energy & Ministry of Health All Set To Energize Lives Renewably with Solarization of Basic Health Units of Punjab, Phase-2.

03-02-2021 | Wednesday | 11:00 AM | Mega Tower, Gulberg

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At the PPDCL office, the signing ceremony for solarization of Basic Health Units Phase 2 was held. As a result, the 227 BHUs of Jehlum, Sargodha, and Mandibahauddin will be powered by solar. In light of the Prime Minister’s vision of “Roshan Punjab” with “Clean Green Pakistan”, Dr. Muhammad Akhtar Malik as Minister for Energy along with Dr. Yasmeen Rashid as Minister for Health, presided the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Syed Hassaan, CEO, and Mr. Faheem Ijaz – MD ECube Solutions Pvt Ltd, who conducted the Signing ceremony of Solarization of Basic Health Units of Punjab (Phase-II).

MD and CEO, E Cube Solutions

The growing need for solar

As mentioned above, with the advent of green energy, the basic health units of Sargodha, Jehlum & Mandibahauddin will be harnessing the power of the sun. The solar solutions will not only ensure constant energy supply but also reduce the ever-increasing energy & maintenance cost of facilities. The ministry of health along with the energy ministry is adamant to ensure the best health care facility. Moreover, the project will add to a constant supply of the most sustainable form of energy to the masses of Pakistan.

The project will not only ensure annual savings for the health sector of Pakistan but will also facilitate in stabilizing the economy of Pakistan. Under the mission of Solarization of Punjab – Mr. Arif Mansoor Qaisrani – Project Director (PMU) signed for the provision of green energy to the 227 basic health units of Sargodha, Jehlum & Mandibahauddin.

Its time to give back to the community

While sharing the project credentials with the energy experts, Mr. Hassaan Shafqat – CEO E Cube Solutions said: “The project will be adding a total of 681 KW to the national grid while eventually making the country an energy independent state. Previously, mentioned the state of the art solar solutions will provide a monthly saving of 1.7 Million rupees and approximately 20 Million rupees annually. Moreover, the project will ensure a massive reduction in the carbon footprint of Punjab and will be equivalent to the plantation of 13620 trees across Pakistan.”

Ministers at Media Talk at Punjab Power Development Corporation Limited

The mentioned proceeding was attended by Mr. Arif Mansoor Qaisrani- Project Director (PMU), Mr. Omar Masood- Manager Planning & Policy, Mr. Hassaan Shafqat – CEO E Cube Solutions, Mr. Faheem Ijaz – MD E Cube Solutions, Ms. Musfirah Abbas – CMO E Cube Solutions & Mr. Faizan Ali Shah.

Solarization of Basic Health Units, Phase 2

Later addressing the press conference and thanking the ministry, Mr. Faheem Ijaz – MD E Cube Solutions mentioned: “Pakistan should develop reliable energy solutions for the basic health units of Punjab while making our country self-sufficient in the energy resources. Hence, we are promising a greener tomorrow for upcoming generations.”

Lastly, the ministries including Energy & Health (Dr. Muhammad Akhtar Malik & Dr. Yasmeen Rashid) pledged to work hand in hand in helping out the masses by energizing their lives renewably.

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