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Clean VS Dirty Panels – How to achieve optimal production?

musfira abbas January 10, 2023

Installing solar panels in your residence aids to combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces carbon footprints along with your expenses. To entirely exploit these benefits from sun-powered energy, you need to ensure the optimum functioning of your solar panels.

In this article, we will highlight the importance of cleaning your solar panels and establish their significant relationship to achieving optimal production.

Why cleaning your SOLAR panels is important?

A frequently asked question is whether I need to clean my Solar panels? And the answer is an absolute YES. Solar panels can only absorb a fraction of the sunlight considering the Solar panels are clean. But what happens when they aren’t?  Dirty solar panels have a similar effect to shading. Efficiency can drop up to 25% from pollution alone.

Dust, dirt, or tree sap will restrict the sun rays to reach the solar cells which would impose an adverse effect on their functioning. Luckily, during the heavy monsoon season and occasional rainfall, panels get a natural cleaning.

How often do the panels require a cleaning?

Solar panels along with their positioning are prone to dirtiness and considering if you live in a heavily polluted area, this builds up a concern. It is recommended to clean your solar panels every week and you can mark your calendar for that. Cleaning your panels will not only make them look more shiny and attractive but also increase solar power production.

How to Clean your Solar Panels?

It will be very visual for you to notice your panels getting dirty or not performing up to the mark. This is a reminder to wash them and you will certainly see a rise in efficiency.  Here are a few tips to assist you:

  1. Use a soft brush and avoid abrasive materials to avoid scratches.
  2. Avoid high-pressure hoses because that might damage the upper silicon layer on the panels.
  3. Shut down your system before cleaning it.
  4. Recommended to clean in the morning or late evening to avoid smudges.
  5. Hire a professional solar cleaner.


Cleaning your solar panels will ultimately increase their productivity which has been proven by a number of research studies as well. If you do not like the idea of climbing up to your roof or committing time to this activity you can always hire a professional for this job.

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