Project portfolio

E Cube Solutions PVT LTD, have delivered quality solutions and services to coorporate and domestic clients offering 100% customer satisfaction.

  • 12KW Project with Fronius

    12KW Project with Fronius 10KW On-Grid Inverter

  • 30KW On-Grid Inverter

    On-Grid Inverter Installed at site

  • Net-Meter

    Residential Net-Meter installed at DHA Phase 6

  • Abdalian Society Project

    10KW On-Grid Project

  • 32 Channel Camera Solution

    IP Cameras Solution provided

  • SAJ Hybrid+On-Grid Inverter

    Quality Work at DHA EME

  • LESCO's official installing Net-Meters

    Installing MDI Net-Meters of 50KW Commercial Project

  • Dream Gardens Multan

    25KW Solar System Solution Provided

  • 30KW Hybrid Inverters

    30KW Hybrid/On-Grid Project at Superior College, Lahore

  • 40KW Hospital Project

    Inverter Showing production of Panels

  • On-Grid Domestic Sites

    3 Consecutive sites in Gujranwala

  • Valancia Town, Lahore

    5KW Solution provided to our domestic client.

  • Dream Gardens Multan

    25KW at Site Office, Multan

  • Dream Gardens Lahore

    Phase 1 & 2 Camera Solution

  • A Piece of ART By ECUBE

    10KW Project at Bakery, Sahiwal

  • Tier 1 Panels

    15KW Tier 1 panel installed at site, Lahore

  • Jasmine Mall Bahria Town

    4MP IP Camera Solution provided to our client

  • 30KW System

    30KW Solar System installed at Control Shed PANWAN.